Salvia apiana live plant
Salvia apiana plant for sale
White sage for sale
White sage live plant
White sage plant for sale
Salvia apiana plant for sale
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White sage
Salvia apiana
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Salvia apiana (White Sage) Live Plant

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  • Salvia apiana (White Sage) live, rooted plants. Supports pollinators. Incredible fragrance. Grow your own for burning or just enjoy in the garden.
  • Ethically cultivated from seed in Southern California. NEVER collected from the wild.
  • I recommend planting in a very well draining mix and placing in bright light. Can handle direct sun.
  • Low maintenance plant that thrives on neglect ––allow soil to dry fully between waterings.
  • Pictures are examples; you will receive a plant of similar size and quality.
  • Currently growing in a 4 inch square pot. Ships bare root for safe transit. Please be ready to plant as soon as it arrives.