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Dioscorea Elephantipes - African Tortoise Plant

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  • One rooted dioscorea elephantipes plant. Known for their trademark “tortoise shell” caudex that can grow up to four feet across in habitat.
  • I recommend planting in a shallow pot since these do not root deeply.
  • Enjoys a loose potting mix. I have it growing in pumice, cactus mix, and some coir.
  • Plants pictured are examples; you will receive a specimen of comparable size and quality.
  • Currently growing in a 3.5" wide square pot, but ships bare root and dry for safe transit.
  • Care instructions: Place in a warm, bright area (out of direct sun) and water around the edges of the caudex (never on the growth point on top). Wait for shoots to appear. Once the vine starts growing, you can water regularly when the soil is *almost* all the way dry.
  • Going dormant: When the leaves turn yellow and start to die back, cease watering and move somewhere cool and lower light. Tends to happen in Summer but can also happen anytime the plant feels like it. They have a mind of their own! After a few weeks, move back to the warm bright spot and wait for new growth.