Aloe is a popular genus of succulent plants that are native to Africa, Madagascar, and the Arabian peninsula. They are known for their rosettes of dagger-shaped foliage which can feature interesting leaf colors, toothed margins, and many different features that vary with the different varieties and cultivars. Aloe are flowering plants, which develop an inflorescence (flower stalk) that blooms with tube-shaped flowers in the fall/winter.

To care for an aloe plant, be sure place it in bright light. They can be happy indoors if placed near a window. Many aloe plants can handle direct sun, but should be protected from excessive sun and heat until the plants are larger and established in a container or in the ground. Most aloe plants need to fully dry out between waterings, but some species like Aloe polyphylla (Spiral Aloe) enjoy more frequent watering since they originate from a more mountainous region. All aloe plants will appreciate a well-draining soil, like my specialty Cactus and Succulent mix