Plant Party Favors for Your Event

Plant Party Favors for Your Event

Looking for a sustainable, fun party favor for your wedding, corporate event, or other celebration? Look no further--Tinyplants is your go-to plant expert to source unique and memorable party favors to send home with your guests. Get in touch today to find the perfect plant for your event. Plants come in 4" pot size, with prices around $5-6 per plant, with discounts for large orders.

Options include: 

  • White sage, fragrant and native to California
  • Colorful succulents, easy to care for
  • Hummingbird nectar plants
  • Butterfly-attracting plants
  • Plants loved by bees
  • Custom plants native to your region
  • Plants that match your event colors
  • And many more!

Pickup in Los Angeles or Ventura County, or inquire about delivery options. Email to get started today!

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