Green your business with custom plants for your storefront or restaurant patio

Do you need plants for your restaurant patio or retail storefront in Los Angeles? Get in touch for a quote today! Whether your outdoor space has full sun, shade, or a mix of both, Tinyplants can find low maintenance, beautiful plants to meet your needs.

It all starts with a consultation to assess your needs, which may include...

  • Low-water, sun and heat-tolerant workhorse plants
  • Native pollinator garden to showcase your eco-friendly ethos
  • Tall, evergreen shrubs that can form a hedge for privacy
  • Plants that won't drop leaves or fruits on the ground
  • Plants that thrive in containers
  • Showy and colorful flowers
  • California native plants adapted to your region
  • Statement-making succulents
  • ...and much, much more!

Get an affordable quote today for an in-person consultation, plant list, plant sourcing, and installation. Email to get started. 



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